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A certain romance

Gabrielle, 16, Brazil.
Arctic Monkeys, chocolate, guitars, cats.
Sep 17 '14

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Sep 10 '14

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Sep 10 '14

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Sep 10 '14

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Sep 5 '14

What's your favourite worst nightmare?

  • Alex: We had this one where Jessica Alba was chasing after you but she's a vampire. So it's a laugh but then she gets you so you're like, 'Shit!' But then you're vampire friends and you roam together.
  • Matt: It would be jumping off a high building. When we were in Japan we went to Park Hyatt Tokyo where 'Lost In Translation' were filmed and I was looking out of the window thinking, 'I'd love to jump off a building but I wouldn't want to die'.
  • Nick: I have this one where Bruce Willis were my dad, people were trying to kill him and I had to protect him.
  • Jamie: Becoming a porn star.

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Sep 5 '14


Leeds Festival, Leeds, 23.08.2014

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Sep 5 '14

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Aug 31 '14


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Aug 31 '14

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Aug 18 '14

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